New Luxury Mega-Yacht: 10,000 Sf. Floating Super-Mansion

Less like a leisure craft and more like a 10,000 square-foot, three-level villa on the water, this incredible (and expensive) floating home can hardly be called a houseboat. After all, it is the opposite of the typical built-to-the-borders model of immobile houseboat – and looks like anything but a converted ship of the sea.

Think it, perhaps, like a personal cruise ship – private parties only. At over 175 feet long and 100 feet wide there is room for a dozen guests and just as many crew members to run this water-riding resort. The plan calls for over ten thousand square feet of usable space, all made to move smooth and fast across the surface of a lake, sea or open ocean. A super-silent, high-efficiency motor is great, but there will be no sailing on this ship unfortunately.

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